This project is a student-initiated endeavor conceived in May 2013 to design and install fish pool habitat in a degraded section of Strawberry Creek located at the confluence of the north and south forks in the Eucalyptus Grove.

Confluence Map


The project scope includes removing the remnants of two failing check dams near the confluence and installing two rock step-pool structures and one log drop structure in order to develop stable bed slope conditions. The bank slopes will be laid back and planted with native vegetation to improve stability and provide habitat. Interpretive signage will be designed and installed on the site.

One of the core project goals is to create an outdoor classroom for hands-on learning for university students. The restored project site will serve as a publicly-accessible, on-campus example of urban creek restoration that will be visited by many students and members of the public.

This project is funded by The Green Initiative Fund at UC Berkeley. To read the latest  2014 grant application (Phase 2), follow this link. To read the 2013 grant application (Phase 1), follow this link.


Image of failed check dam at the confluence of the north and south forks of Strawberry Creek.



Pete is 6′ tall. The failure of the check dam has downcut the stream bed and the combination of erosion and incision has created a vertical bank 6′ high at the confluence – a potential hazard for students and visiting community members!


Image of failing check dam upstream of the confluence, on Strawberry Creek’s North Fork. Note the California Buckeye (Aesculus californica) – its roots definitely help stabilize that bank!




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