Where in the world is the SCESP team?

Render of project by Junice Uy.

Hi Everyone!

As the semester rolls on, midterms and homework have taken over a large portion of the team’s life, however THE PROJECT IS MOVING FORWARD! Our last major deadline was the 30% construction drawings–Jackie Berry worked with our contracted engineer, Scott Stoller, to finish these back in September. The team is now waiting on approval and revisions from regulators, after which we will be able to start our 60% drawings and apply for a construction permit. We hope to hear back from the regulators by next month and expect to complete the 60% drawings over the winter break. Meanwhile, Aysha and Junice have been hard at work looking for funding sources for the construction portion of the project. The search has been difficult, but the team forges on!

And now you might ask… how can YOU  help the Ecological Stabilization Project move forward? Well, we have some good news for you:

Students and Professors

We need pre- and post-assessments of the project site as a part of our documentation. We have identified 5 main categories: aquatic communities, plant communities, water quality, geomorphology, and human use of the site. Please consider taking on a pre-/post- assessment as a part of your classroom curricula or as the subject of your thesis project. If you are interested, please contact us ecostabilization@gmail.com or reply directly to this post.

Community Members and Alumni

Please donate to our construction costs, projected to be around $70,000. Any amount is greatly appreciated, tax deductible and will help the creek improve its ecological function, educational value and natural beauty for many years to come. Visit givetocal.berkeley.edu and search for fund #U1200 or click on this link.

Everyone should keep an eye out for this year’s Berkeley Engineer magazine!

Conceptual Sketch of project by Jackie Berry.


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