As summer break comes to an end and the team prepares for classes to start again… THE PROJECT CONTINUES! Pete and Aysha have almost finalized the hydraulic analysis using HEC-RAS and Jackie is making revisions on the construction documents. The team will have to adjust their working schedule in the fall semester. Additionally, the Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project is teaming up with other student groups to work on issues related to ecological restoration on campus. This fall, we will be co-hosting a hands-on workshop planting native vegetation and learning about creek stewardship. Stay tuned for upcoming details.


Photo, from left to right: Junice (Ecological Stabilization Project), Ariel (Fitting Plant to Place), Dylan (Fitting Plant to Place), Kareem (The Green Initiative Fund), Pete (Ecological Stabilization Project).

Meanwhile, check out these other student-led projects:

Fitting Plant to Place: Site-Specific Restoration Planning on Strawberry Creek

This project focuses on measuring soil characteristics (moisture, organic matter content, nitrogen, texture and pH) and landscape factors (proximity to road, slope, and surrounding vegetation communities) at each site before planting. Fitting Plant to Space will engage 500 volunteers and improve the efficiency and standards of the Strawberry Creek volunteer program… READ MORE!

Restorative Ecology Training Program

The Restorative Ecology Training Program is developing an intensive training course for UC Berkeley undergraduate students geared toward young ecological professionals interested in sustainable soil use and habitat restoration. The training program will include lab, field, and outreach components… READ MORE!

Strawberry Creek Watershed Stewardship Program

This project expands the Strawberry Creek Student Restoration Leadership Program, and incorporates environmental education outreach, student/community member skill development, and water quality monitoring to prevent pollution of Strawberry Creek and foster environmental stewardship… READ MORE!

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Campus Tours

This project will create a booklet and online tour with new material about sustainable water infrastructure on campus, innovative design features that treat and/or detain runoff, and campus ecological restoration projects that maintain creek water quality as well as provide habitat for native plants and animals on campus… READ MORE!

Strawberry Creek Community
This is a new student group on campus. Stay tuned for upcoming activities and ways to get involved in the Strawberry Creek watershed community.


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