We met our 30% completion project deadline last week Friday at 5:30 PM!

Our group spent many hours considering design solutions for our site at the confluence of the north and south forks of Strawberry Creek. On Thursday afternoon, our project manager, Aysha, finalized this round of design and handed it off to Jackie and Junice to draft in AutoCAD Civil3D. Jackie and Junice then went to ESA PWA’s San Francisco office to consult with engineer, Scott Stoller, to begin producing the official construction drawings for the project. After 11 hours of drafting, the two ladies completed preliminary construction drawings for this 30% deadline–in total they created 1 plan, 1 longitudinal profile, 12 sections, and 6 detail drawings.

So what is the design?

The diagrams below are derived from our construction drawings. At this stage, our design includes:

  • 2 rock step pools
  • 1 log weir
  • Graded/terraced creek banks for increased accessibility and reduced erosion.

Plan view of our design. The left portion of the creek is the north fork of Strawberry Creek. All of our grade control structures are stationed along the north fork before the culvert.


Profile view of our design. This view takes a slice of the creek along the thalweg (the deepest points along the creek) to show elevation changes along the length of Strawberry Creek.


These are two examples of our sectional drawings (slices perpendicular to the profile). In 0+75, you notice that the creek bed will have to be carved out. By contrast, in 0+95 the creek bed will need to be filled.


UP NEXT: the team will address public access. We plan to provide a set of stairs for access and/or seating near the creek. Stay tuned for more!


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