Strawberry Creek Tour

On Thursday our group went on a walking tour of Strawberry Creek to investigate and search for successful restoration strategies that our predecessors have already employed. Our excursion started at the confluence of the North and South forks of Strawberry Creek, went up to the Botanical Gardens, and returned along the South fork back to campus. Our search was very successful especially in the Winter Creek area in the Mather Redwood Grove of the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. We found informative examples of rock step pools, live cribwalls, stone gabions, and natural vegetation throughout our exploration.

On a personal level we experienced the following:

  • Aysha, our fearless project manager, led us through the thickest blackberry bush I have ever seen–in shorts and a tank top! She also enjoyed the spoils of fresh blackberries and plums along the way.
  • Pete, also a brave soul, followed right behind Aysha in shorts and tennis shoes. He made many observations about the ecological systems in the creek and enjoyed some of the delicious plums.
  • Junice made the whole trek in sandals–a brave move, especially after we stepped on a log full of termites. She was also inspired by all of the native plants we found along the way.
  • Jackie stepped in a lot of mud but was otherwise unscathed by the wilderness. She enjoyed many plums from a fruitful tree.

Before our tour, we were also inspired by a man who charted the GPS coordinates of sites he enjoyed throughout the Strawberry Creek watershed (click here to see his website). Following suit, we decided to utilize our smartphone technology and record the locations of all our pictures.

Happy viewing!


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